Sheffield Bioscience Programs was established in 1989 and is at the forefront of using educational technologies to enhance the teaching of physiology and pharmacology. The learning resources are high-quality, interactive computer-assisted learning (CAL) programs principally aimed at undergraduates in physiology, pharmacology, biological sciences, medicine & health-related course. They have been developed by experts in the field and may be used to support conventional teaching, or for self-directed learning.

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pic14pic14Autonomic Pharmacology
pic14pic14Blood Coagulation
pic14pic14Blood Physiology
pic14pic14Cat Nictitating Membrane
pic14pic14Chest Clinic
pic14pic14Exercise Physiology
picexpicexExperimental Design
pic14pic14The Finkleman Preparation
pic14pic14Frog Heart
pic15pic15Guinea Pig Ileum
pic14pic14Inflammation Pharmacology
pic14pic14Intestinal Motility
pic14pic14Langendorff Heart
pic14pic14Muscle Physiology
pic14pic14Nerve Physiology
pic14pic14Neuromuscular Pharmacology
pic14pic14Rat Blood Pressure
pic14pic14Renal Function in Humans
pic14pic14Respiratory Pharmacology