Neuromuscular Pharmacology

A computer simulation of experiments which may be performed on cat sciatic nerve-tibialis anterior muscle in vivo to teach the essentials of neuromuscular pharmacology.

An interactive, menu driven and easy to use program which simulates experiments performed on the sciatic nerve-anterior tibialis muscle preparation of the cat (in vivo) to illustrate the important differences in the pharmacological action of depolarizing and non-depolarizing blocking agents.

An on-screen student handbook covers:

The Experiments Section presents high-resolution graphic simulations of experimental results (muscle contractions), in accelerated time, on a scrolling display to simulate a chart recorder.

Phase I experiments - each experiment compares the action of the two types of neuromuscular blocking agent using d-tubocurarine as an example of a non-depolarizing blocker and decamethonium as an example of a depolarizing blocker.

Phase II experiments

Student Activities

Each experiment has an associated student activity designed to assess understanding of the experimental results. These might be a series of true/false statements or a table to complete.There are also some suggested questions which would form the basis of a report of the experiment.

Language: English

Recommended System Requirements:

Safari 5.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later, Google Chrome or Edge

Target Audience:

Undergraduate pharmacology, medical, bioscience and pharmacy students.

Price: £250 (multiuser, educational license)