Exercise Physiology

A computer simulation of the physiological effects of graded exercise in man.

An interactive, menu driven program, suitable for students of biology at high school and undergraduate level. This program simulates some of the important physiological measurements which can be made to assess cardio-respiratory performance or "fitness" in the laboratory. The program presents results, in a form comparable to a chart recorder (in high resolution graphics), from healthy individuals performing a fixed schedule of graded exercise on a bicycle ergometer, and includes:

Measurements can be taken from the trace by pausing it and using the cross-hair cursor facility provided. The program simulates the response of a subject working continuously under a work load which is increased by increments of 20 watts each minute until the subject is exhausted. The screen display also shows a digital clock and work load meter. Heart rate is monitored continuously and respiratory performance is assessed by breath-by-breath analysis of expiratory air samples. Blood samples may be taken during the exercise regime and the [lactate] determined using a simulated spectrophotometer.

The program allows subject parameters (age, weight, height, sex, trained or untrained) to be determined by the user and may thus be used to compare, for example, male with female performance, or the effects of training or age.

Language: English

Recommended System Requirements:

Safari 5.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later, Google Chrome or Edge

Target Audience:

Undergraduate medical, biological sciences and Healthcare sciences.

Price: £250 (multiuser, educational license)