The Finkleman Preparation

A computer simulation of the Finkleman preparation to teach undergraduate pharmacology students.

This program simulates a number of experiments which may be performed on isolated segments of rabbit jejunum, as described by Finkleman in 1930, to demonstrate the effects of adrenergic drugs and sympathetic nerve stimulation. Rhythmical, pendular contractions of the intestine may be recorded and the preparation may be used to investigate:

Introduction and Methods sections combine text and high-resolution graphics to describe the preparation, the apparatus and to provide the background pharmacology.

In the Experiments section simulated rhythmic contractions, derived from experimental data, are presented on a chart-recorder-like display on the monitor. The user is able to select, from a menu, to investigate:

The drugs, drug combinations and electrical stimulation protocols have been selected to demonstrate the essential pharmacology of the preparation.

Language: English

Recommended System Requirements:

Safari 5.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later, Google Chrome or Edge

Target Audience:

University students on a range of biomedical or biological science courses (physiology, pharmacology, medicine, dentistry, health sciences) in which pharmacology is a major component.

Price: £250 (multiuser, departmental educational license)