The Rat
a practical dissection guide

By: David Dewhurst, Megan Quentin-Baxter and Graham Irving.

A highly professional twenty minute full colour video of a practical dissection of rat. The video is divided into five sections:

  • preparation for the dissection and dissection instruments;
  • external features;
  • abdominal dissection showing the gastro-intestinal and urino-genital tracts;
  • thoracic dissection;
  • exposure , removal and dissection of the brain.

Where there are significant differences between male and female rats dissection of both is shown. Video clips are punctuated with stills which are annotated to highlight important structures. An accompanying commentary describes the functional anatomy of the structures in view.

Review of The Rat

Format: available in PAL and NTSC formats.

Price: £50.00 (including postage and packaging).

Click on one of the above screen grabs to see full size image.