Ordering SBP Products

All of our products are available immediately and may be obtained by sending an email order to d.dewhurst@ed.ac.uk. If preferred you can also send an order by post to Flat 1, Salisbury Heights, 31 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AA. If you require a Proforma Invoice with details of how payment may be made then contact d.dewhurst@ed.ac.uk. The quoted prices are for multiuser educational licenses which allows the purchasing institution to make multiple copies of the programs for use on university-owned computers located on campus and/or to run the programs over an institutional internal network (intranet). The license does not cover use on non-university owned computers nor computers located off-campus.

Below is a list of all the Sheffield BioScience Programs currently available products. Click on the name of the product name to see more information on that product. This will open a new window for the description - close the new window to return to this order section.

The form below may also be used to place your order. Indicate which program(s) you require by checking in the 'Order' column. Then fill in your despatch details and click the "make up order" button to create a printable order.

N.B. All programs are Windows and Macintosh compatible. Please note that some programs also offer a choice of language.

Program Title Order Version Price (GBP)
Nerve Physiology 250.00
Muscle Physiology 250.00
Frog Heart 250.00
Exercise Physiology   250.00
Intestinal Absorption 250.00
Blood Physiology 250.00
Blood Coagulation   250.00
Chest Clinic


Nerve Biophysics Tutorials   250.00
Cellular Respiration   250.00
Guinea Pig Ileum 250.00
Neuromuscular Pharmacology 250.00
Cat Nictitating Membrane 250.00
Langendorff Heart 250.00
Intestinal Motility 250.00
Respiratory Pharmacology   250.00
Finkleman   250.00
Inflammation Pharmacology   250.00
The Heart   250.00
The Circulation   250.00
Introduction to Endocrinology   250.00
Thyroid Hormones   250.00
Parathyroid hormone, calcitonin and vitamin D   250.00
Insulin & Glucagon   250.00
Rat Blood Pressure 250.00
Epilepsy   250.00
Introduction to Clinical Aspects of Pain   250.00
Renal Function in Humans 250.00
Neuromuscular Junction   250.00
Medicines - the discovery process 250.00
The Rat (a dissection guide) (Video) 50.00
Respiratory Physiology   250.00
Experimental Design  


Autonomic Pharmacology


cLABs - Voltage and Patch Clamp Simulation Windows only


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When you have selected the products you need and filled in your despatch details, click the 'Make up order' button below to create a printable order form. Send this form along with remittance for the total amount due to:

* The prices quoted below cover a multiuser license for educational institutions. This license would normally cover on-campus access for all students studying courses within a single department/Faculty/School etc.

Non-educational (e.g. a pharmaceutical company) licenses are normally double (2x) the educational license price.

Single user licenses may also be purchased at £50 per license.

Sheffield BioScience Programs is not registered for V.A.T. and V.A.T. will not be charged on any orders.