An Introduction to the
Human Nervous System

a highly interactive CAL tutorial package to teach the essentials of human nervous system structure

Liz Kelly and Kathryn Huckbody

A mouse-driven tutorial package, which takes the form of an electronic book and is designed as a comprehensive foundation level text on the nervous system. The program makes extensive use of high-quality colour graphics, clear textual descriptions, animation and interactive features to enhance the learning experience. These include student-centred exercises to reinforce the presented material and novel feedback question and answer sessions e.g. a crossword. The material is divided into three sections:

1. Major Cell Functions - terminology, structure and function of nerve and glial cells.

2. The Peripheral Nervous System - structure and function of spinal and cranial nerves

3. The Central Nervous System - major structures of the brain and spinal cord

Information may be accessed in a highly flexible manner. There is an index and a glossary, giving definitions of common terms, available at all times. In the final section there is a choice of self-assessment exercises: a bank of 29 test questions or a hangman game.

Hardware requirements: Windows 95 and above

Target audience: a foundation level/revision program suitable for first year undergraduates from a range of biomedical science and health-related courses

Price: £199 (multiuser/departmental licence)

ISBN 1-874758-27-1
©1999 Sheffield Bioscience Programs

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