Frog Skin

a computer simulation of experiments which may be performed on frog skin in vitro to study membrane transport of ions

David Dewhurst and Alan Williams

An interactive, menu-driven program which simulates experiments, which may be performed on the frog skin preparation to teach the principles of the epithelial transport of ions. Background information describing the method, apparatus and physiological basis of the experiment is presented as text supported by high-resolution graphics.

The 'Experiments' section allows the user to investigate either passive or active transport in the presence or absence of certain drugs and generates data based upon accepted mathematical models.

In the passive transport experiment the user selects mucosal and serosal sodium and potassium concentrations and is presented with a voltage displayed on an analogue voltmeter, on the monitor, from which measurements may be taken.

In the active transport experiment ion flux may be calculated from measurements taken using either a short circuit current technique or a radioactive tracer technique.

In each case the results are presented in an attractive display from which measurements may be taken.


Hardware requirements: IBM compatibles.
Target audience: Undergraduate, high school/college.
Price: £120 IBM (Multiuser version)

N.B. This particular title is currently unavailable, but please send an e-mail and we may be able to offer this program by special arrangement.

ISBN 1-874758-11-5
©1989 Sheffield Bioscience Programs

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